I’ve been working all summer on the first 4 issues of what I call Hypno-Nightmares. I just received word from the duplicator that the CDs for the first nightmare are on the way. Each hypno-nightmare is between 60 and 80 minutes and features narrated work with sound effects and original music. I’m pretty enthused about these. If they do well, I will add to the collection.

Live Out a Nightmare with a Hypnotist Tour Guide

Hypno-Nightmares take you to horror worlds unexplored. Using the power of hypnosis, your tour guide takes you from reality to the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind. In a trance state, you become the main character in a narrated tale of terror, complete with original music, drama-enhancing sound effects, and production. Lie back, put on the headphones and visit your worst nightmares. 

Cover for the first issue of Hypno-Nightmares

Evil Exhumed

You are the chief of police in a small town called Brightland, population: 13,000. That is unless you count the 4,000 inmates incarcerated in the Sandalwood Penitentiary. Sometimes, a man can do something so grievous that after he dies, he can’t remain under ground. Leon Mitchell, mass murderer, is put to death for his 36 counts of first-degree murder (investigators estimate that he killed at least four times that number).  One fall night, Leon Mitchell meets his end in the electric chair. Two days later, a small crew buries him in the penitentiary graveyard. But evil of this caliber cannot so easily be laid waste. Leon digs his way out of his resting place with new powers: superhuman strength and the ability to dazzle those who look him in the eye. But his gifts come with a curse. He must drink human blood to survive. Leon begins his reign of fear over the people of Brightland by enlisting a gang from the whose who of death row. After bequeathing his gifts on them with his bite, they are out for blood. It falls to you to protect your community by facing Leon and his gang of vampires.

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