Allied Zombies for Peace

It's Zombies vs. the KKK in Allied Zombies for Peace. 

Funk Toast and the Pan-Galactic Prom Show

Part 2 of Bieber's Finger. A band from Earth sets out to save the universe from inter-galactic pirates.

Dead Girl

Block Vang, a snarky reporter, gets to the bottom of half-century old malevolent ghost.

Small Town Monsters

Rednecks, guns, beer, and monsters. 

Terrifying Lies

An anthology of scary stories written by Craig Nybo.

Bieber's Finger

A super-fan clones her very own pop idol from the real thing.

CHOPS: A Guidebook to a Rock and Roll Alternate Universe

Stories and guide entries to help you navigate the venues, musicians, and bands in a hilarious rock and roll alternate universe.