Zombie Sing-a-long Part 2

After finishing Zombie Sing-a-long 1, I decided it would be fun to write a few zombie songs with full instrumentation. I immediately got to work. The first song I composed and recorded for the second album was Put Another Zombie On the Fire. I kept with the same folk  feel that I had established on the first album in the trilogy. But I added a full rhythm section, drums and backup vocals. I composed 9 other songs for the album.

When I got to the narrative, I outlined what I thought would be a great story for the album. But as I wrote the story, I soon discovered that it was way too long. So long, in fact, that I decided to make it into a novel. I temporarily hung up Zombie Sing-a-long and pursued the novel. The short story ended up being a 600 page novel that I still haven't published. It's on my future project list. I went back to work on the narrative for the Zombie album and ended up writing the larger half of a novella about a trucker named Whistler who is obsessed about finding his lost love in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Needless to say, that story too was also too long.

I went to work again. I liked the Whistler character so I kept him. I ended up writing Whistler and the Children. But this third story was also too long. In the end, I decided to break the story into 2 parts, write 10 more songs and release a third Zombie Sing-a-long album.

If you want to add Zombie Sing-a-long Part 2 to your collection, I would be absolutely grateful. Here are a couple of buy links:

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1. Breaker (Music and Lyrics by Craig Nybo)

2. The Legend of Blue Lou (Music and Lyrics by Craig Nybo)

3. Whistler and the Children Part 1 (Written by Craig Nybo, Read by Nate Peck)

4. Put Another Zombie on the Fire (Music and Lyrics by Craig Nybo)

5. Give Blood (Music and Lyrics by Craig Nybo)

6. I Just Can't Seem to Kill the One I Love (Music and Lyrics by Craig Nybo)

7. Zombulation (Music and Lyrics by Craig Nybo)

8. Skull Made of Steel (Music by Craig Nybo, Lyrics by Debbie Wheeler)

9. Will Work for Food (Music by Craig Nybo, Lyrics by Mark Steiner)

10. Whistler and the Children Part 2 (Written by Craig Nybo, Read by Nate Peck)

11. Blood Brothers (Music by Craig Nybo, Lyrics by Patrick M. Tracy)

12. Lullaby (Music and Lyrics by Craig Nybo)

Music and Lyrics by Craig Nybo

Most of the songs on the 2nd and 3rd Zombie Sing-a-long albums are about my unreleased novel entitled Breaker Z (no promises on when I will get this 600-page epic out). Zombulation depicts a scene in the novel where the antagonist, a scientifically generated zombie with super-intelligence and immortality named Blue Lou draws his zombie army to a mesa that overlooks the little community of Apple Valley, a town that a group of militant truckers has sworn to protect. Blue Lou is in the business of teaching his zombie followers how to reason and talk. Zombulation expresses Blue Lou's acceptance of individuals in a faction that thinks of as underdogs: The zombies.

Musically, my roots are in funk. I spent several years in a band called Funk Toast. We wrote scores of songs. Zombulation is a throwback to those days.

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