Review: Whispers Out of the Dust – David J. West

Whispers Out Of The Dust: A Haunted Journey Through The Lost American WestWhispers Out Of The Dust: A Haunted Journey Through The Lost American West by David J. West
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A Haunting Collection of (almost) Historically Accurate Stories

You can count on thorough research when you read a David J. West book. He loves the bone-dry landscape of the old West and spends a lot of time there as a writer. As part of his research, West visited many of the locations depicted in his book. This gives his prose a vital, realistic feel, almost as if you can hear the wind and feel waves of dust sandblast your skin as you read.

Whispers out of the Dust is a collection of ghost stories that most often bring a chill up your spine as you read and sometimes bring a smile to your face. David draws on historical characters in his fiction to add extra realism to his work. Whispers feels like a non-fiction book, which makes it all the more haunting. Don’t miss this one, especially if you are a resident of Utah, which is the fitting backdrop for David’s stories in his book, Whispers Out Of the Dust.

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