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Rustmonster goes steampunk. At rehearsal, Rustmonster rehearses one of their latest songs, an overture called March of the Fools.

Craig Nybo
Craig Nybo

Craig Nybo writes novels, screenplays, and short stories. He also composes and records music. Craig lives in Kaysville, Utah with his lovely wife and children.

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    1 Response to "The Rustmonster Band Rehearses their Steampunk Song, March of the Fools"

    • David Checketts

      Henry Fillmore, John Phillip Sousa, Charles Ives and Johann Peter Schickele walk into a bar. After 2 bottles of Absinthe, a box of Swisher Sweets and a knock-down drag-out brawl, they write this march. They then find the nearest Salvation Army Band to perform it, standing in a rowboat, crossing the Monongahela river, in mid-winter. Very nice work Gentlemen!

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