Tesla Verses Gerusha: Priestess of Cthulhu and her Two Sisters.

What happens when 3 witches abduct Nikola Tesla and attempt to sacrifice him in a ritual to summon Cthulhu to destroy the world? The one-act musical, Tesla vs. Gerusha: Priestess of Cthulhu attempts to answer that question.

The musical will include 11 songs along with spoken word. It should run about 70 minutes when it is complete. Currently, all songs have been composed with demo vocals and incomplete instrumentation. The script is 80% complete. Some of the parts have been cast but there is a lot more talent that must be enlisted to complete this project.

In the end, the full offering will include:
• CD that includes the soundtrack and dramatization
• CD with just the music
• CD with minus tracks for performance
• Script that includes vocal transcriptions
• Piano book for rehearsal
• The ability for theater groups to purchase performance rights

It has been about a year since I started working on this project. I have found it to be a monumental effort. I think it will be cool when I finish it up. I plan to post updates here on my blog.

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