Realizing a Childhood Dream: Playing Esquivel

Juan Garcia Esquivel, gangrene film fest, gangrene film festival
Juan Garcia Esquivel, gangrene film fest, gangrene film festival

Juan Garcia Esquivel: Genius Composer

As most of you know, I am heavily involved in a comedy film festival called The Gangrene Film Festival. I am one of the fest’s co-creators and have been with it from the beginning. The festival is on its 15th year. We are slated to hold the fest on August 29th in 2014.

Each year, the Gangrene Film Festival follows a new theme. We have done it all: everything from luchadores, to motorcycle dare devils, to bigfoot rock, to tuba heavy metal.

For 2014, we have decided to follow a dream that goes all the way back to my childhood. The film festival will be called: The Gangrene Film Festival: Esquivel.

Juan Garcia Esquivel was a 50’s and 60’s era composer who used edgy technology in his arrangements. He has since been lumped into a genre known as space aged bachelor pad music. I learned about Esquivel when I was a little boy. My mom brought home a box of LP records for my little brothers and me. As we flipped through them and threw them onto an old phonograph, we discovered a few gems. But the crown jewel was Esquivel.

I have grown up with his music. I have always and always will be a huge fan. Now I get to play his music, which is an absolute dream come true. The Gangrene Band, featuring myself, Larry Nybo, Rob Griffin, Rick Nef, Keith Moon, and Mike Terrell have joined forces with Dave Checkets (arranger) to bring Esquivel’s music to life. We have also enlisted Funk Toast bari sax player, Todd Feeney into the group.

The Gangrene Guys Make the Official Announcement: Esquivel

We are pulling out the stops on this one by building a 20-piece ensemble. We have even reached out to a couple of celebrity guests and are hoping to get their consent to appear in the show.

If you have never been to The Gangrene Film Festival, please don’t miss this one. It’s going to be incredible.

—craig nybo

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Craig Nybo writes novels, screenplays, and short stories. He also composes and records music. Craig lives in Kaysville, Utah with his lovely wife and children.

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