Face it: you love to be scared. That’s why you read Stephen King stories and go to horror films. There is some twisted place in you that longs for that cold shiver to go crawling up your spine.

Nightmares Plus the Power of Hypnosis

Each professionally produced recording, set to creepy ambient original music, will take you through the 4 steps of hypnosis.

Phase 1: Induction

In this phase, Craig uses effective induction techniques to slow your breathing, relax your mind, and condition your senses to the power of suggestion. This brings you to the relaxed state known as the hypnoidal state, a light state of relaxation and inner focus.

Phase 2: Deepening

During this phase, Craig will take you to a deeper state of relaxation. He uses visualizations to free your mind of the daily burdens of life, while building a world around you where you can escape into the realms of nightmares. This phase takes you to the Cataleptic State of hypnosis where you might experience side to side eye movement and the beginnings of altered reality experiences.

Phase 3: Suggestion

Now in a state of deep relaxation, your mind is ready to receive suggestions that can be sensed as if you are actually functioning in an alternate world. You will reach the somnambulistic state of hypnosis, the deepest trance state. Suggestions given during this phase are often heard by the subconscious mind. It is at this phase that professional hypnotherapists use affirmation and positive visualizations to aid you to find peace and stillness in your life. FORGET THAT: during this phase, Craig guides you through a horror story in which you are the main character. You may experience, blow-by-blow, Craig’s nightmarish narration as if you are really there.

Phase 4: Awakening

During this phase, Craig uses a short series of visual suggestions meant to gently return you from a somnambulistic state bake to a fully wakened state.

The Net Effect: Nightmares

By lying down in a comfortable place, and listening to these recordings, you can bring back that same sense of dread you felt as a kid. Is there a boogieman in the closet? Is that a monster you just heard rustling under your bed? That story you heard at camp about the escaped lunatic with a chainsaw? Did that really happen? Welcome to extrasensory fright central.

Four Lucid Nightmare Worlds of Fear

Each hypnotic recording focuses on one theme. After undergoing the induction and deepening phase, you will, through your subconscious mind, listen to a story that puts you right in the center of the action. You can go toe to toe with a nest of vampires. You can face off an onslaught of flesh-eating zombies. You can participate in an exorcism gone wrong. You can attempt to solve the mysterious identity of a murderous werewolf before its too late.

Evil Exhumed

You are the chief of police in a small town called Brightland, population: 13,000. That is unless you count the 4,000 inmates incarcerated in the Sandalwood Penitentiary. Sometimes, a man can do something so grievous that after he dies, he can’t remain under ground. Leon Mitchel, mass murderer, is put to death for his 36 counts of first-degree murder (investigators estimate that he killed at least four times that number).  One fall night, Leon Mitchel meets his end in the electric chair. Two days later, a small crew buries him in the penitentiary graveyard. But evil of this caliber cannot so easily be laid waste. Leon digs his way out of his resting place with new powers: superhuman strength and the ability to dazzle those who look him in the eye. But his gifts come with a curse. He must drink human blood to survive. Leon begins his reign of fear over the people of Brightland by enlisting a gang from the whose who of death row. After bequeathing his gifts on them with his bite, they are out for blood. It falls to you to protect your community by facing Leon and his gang of vampires.

Blood Moon Mania

Before heading home after work, you stop at the bank to do some quick business. As you enter the bank, a news report you heard on the radio sticks in your mind. In the cycle of the blood moon, three people in the last 3 days have been found dead and maimed beyond recognition. Some people from the fringe have been saying the word werewolf. You are not a believer. But it’s getting late and you would rather be home before dark all the same. But what you thought was going to be a routine stop to make a deposit turns into the worst nightmare of your life. While you are at the teller’s desk, four men bust into the bank, all wearing ski masks and holding shotguns. It is a robbery. They tell everyone to hit the dirt. They show they mean business when one of the men fires a shot into the air. The robbery goes south when a security guard shoots one of the criminals before getting gunned down himself. It is now a hostage situation and you know you are not getting out of there any time soon. Once everyone is locked down, an old gentleman informs you that the danger is far greater than anyone in the bank can imagine. He shows you a glass vial of blood he wears around his neck. The blood is turning black. The man claims that the vial contains werewolf blood. And when the fluid goes all the way dark, someone in the bank is going to transform into a monster. Your heartbeat quickens as you look at those held captive in the bank. Who will it be? The teller who has been helping you, the old man with the glass vial? Maybe even one of the robbers? Any way it goes, you are in for the scariest night of your life.

Long Night of the Draugr

As part of an archeological team in Iceland, you have come upon one of the most significant Viking digs in archeological history. You and the three other members of your team have discovered a pair of pagan boat graves. After weeks of extraction during the hard winter months, you have finally uncovered what looks to be the resting place of two Viking war boats acting as oversized coffins for a mass grave. You can only imagine what happened to the men on the boats during the 9th or 10th century when they set ground on the northern coast of Iceland near the small town of Húsavík. The locals have warned you to leave the graves alone. They speak of ancient undead creatures called draugr who walk the earth when their graves are disturbed. You chalk their fears up as superstition and paranoia and get past their protests with official permits granted by the Icelandic Archeological Society. On the shortest day of the year, December 21st, you and your team spend the precious 3 hours of daylight recovering a collection of swords, shields, loot probably taken on raids of Euro-Christian basilicas, and other treasure. You leave the human remains in the ground for later exhumation but carefully extract the less fragile metal items to take back to the bed and breakfast in which you and your team have been bording. After the sun goes down, the longest night of your life begins. The once dead Vikings recover a sickly rendition of life and leave their disturbed resting place. The undead creatures take to the streets of Núsavík, looking for their lost treasure. It turns out that the locals’ cautionary words about Draugrs are more than superstition.

Naked Feet

Having recently gone through a rough patch, you must find a place to live. Your wealthy grandmother, who inherited a large Victorian house from her abusive husband, graciously invites you to live with her until you get back on your feet. One night after watching TV into the wee hours, you head to your room upstairs. In the hallway, you slip on something and fall to the hardwood floor. At first, you think Clarice, your grandparents’ live-in nurse, has spilled something from your grandmother’s dinner tray, a bowl of applesauce or a plate of mashed potatoes. But when you take a closer look, you see that the gray viscous substance lies in pools every couple of feet down the hallway floor. In each pool, you see a naked, human footprint. Curious, and a little frightened, you follow the footprints. They lead to your grandmother’s room. Upon entering, you don’t see her in her bed. You check the attached bathroom; she’s not there. In a panic, you reach for her emergency call button. Just before you push it, you hear whimpering coming from under the bed. You crouch down and find your grandmother there, crying like a frightened child. You help her back up into bed and ask what has frightened her. She tells you that your grandfather has returned and that he wants her out of his house. At first, you dismiss her story as the effects of dementia. But after tucking her in bed, you turn and find yourself face to face with the most chilling vision in your life. Your grandfather stands in the hallway. He chatters his teeth as he looks you over. The only problem: he has been dead now for over a year. Do you run? Do you call for Clarice, the live-in nurse? Or do you yourself fight to defend your grandmother from the horrible being that has come for her?

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