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Craig Nybo plays the bass guitar with Tuba-Q a band that debuted at The Gangrene Film Festival
Craig Nybo plays the bass guitar with Tuba-Q a band that debuted at The Gangrene Film Festival

Craig Nybo plays with Tuba-Q

Sometimes I have to step back from all the stresses of life, the deadlines and difficult projects, the politics and headaches, and realize that I am blessed to live a life full of fun and adventure. I think this is the same for you if you strip all the noise away and take a close look at what you do; not what you have to do, but what you do.

Each year as I help plan the Gangrene Film Festival, I work with a few good friends and valuable creative collaborators to craft the perfect stage show. We roll in Vaudeville styled live stage performances into the show to spice up the audience’s experience.

Last year we picked the theme Tuba-Q for the festival’s  theme. As part of this branding, we brought in a good friend of mine, Mark Robinette. He is a tuba virtuoso, a composer, and a master of many other instruments. He had been talking about composing and releasing a tuba heavy metal album. We called him and asked how he would feel about bringing his tuba idea to the stage for the Gangrene Film Festival Tuba-Q. He agreed and so the Tuba-Q band was born.

To my delight, Mark asked me to play bass guitar in the Tuba-Q band. What an opportunity. I got to play with such great musicians as Mark Robinette, Kelly Wallis, Jamie Glaser, Dr. Mark Huff, and Rich Dixon, all first call music pros from the northern Utah area.

Even more delightful, the Tuba-Q bug bit Mike Huff. We parted that night from the Gangrene Stage with him saying, “This is just too choice to only do once. I’m going to sell this show.”

Mike was good for his word. This Friday night, February 7th, 2014, the Tuba-Q band will take the stage again at the Utah Music Educators Association conference in St. George, Utah. Once again, I have the honor of playing with a group of super musicians. This time, Joel Stevenett, monster drummer, will join the party.

As you face life, never lose track of what drives you. When someone asks what you do, don’t respond with what you have to do, as in your day job; respond with what you love to do. If you are a painter who works as a tax specialist, say you are a painter. If you manage a 7-11 and play in a band on the side, say you play in a band. If you work at a retail store throwing freight and facing shelves and are restoring a classic car in your garage, say you restore cars.


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Craig Nybo

Craig Nybo writes novels, screenplays, and short stories. He also composes and records music. Craig lives in Kaysville, Utah with his lovely wife and children.

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