For those of you who have always dreamed of writing a novel, I offer this series of articles. If you follow them to the letter, at the end of the process, you will have a scorching-cool novel on your hands, ready to sell.

This is a work in progress. Look for new articles over time.

Good luck.

Yours truly,

Craig Nybo

Step 1: The Logline

Step 2: Nos Inject Your Story with a Powerful Theme

Step 3: Assemble Your Story Cannon

Step 4: Draft a Compelling Treatment

Step 5: Give Yourself Research Assignments

Step 6: Flesh out a 3-act Breakdown Part 1 – Conflict

Step 7: Flesh Out a 3-act Breakdown part 2 – Act I Plot Points and Critical Features

Step 8: Flesh out a 3-act breakdown part 3 – Draft Act II

Step 9: Flesh out a 3-act breakdown Part 4 – Act III Plot Points and Critical Features

Step 10: Character Depth: Putting Flesh on the Bones

Step 11: Protagonist and Voice, Give Them a Test Run


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