Craig Nybo

Red Annex: 136 Minutes
Red Ring, a deadly virus that causes mind-degrading 

The HC4 virus threatens to decimate the American population. The National Guard annexes the most infected areas of the nation with concertainer walls. Carrying an experimental vaccine, a US Army Special Forces unit flies into the San Fernando Annex to recon, inoculate, and retrieve as many infected civilians as possible. But they get more than they expect when they discover that the disease causes an insatiable hunger for human flesh, a hunger for which the sick are willing to kill.

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This story was, believe it or not, inspired by a college math class. Believe me, I'm no mathematician; this story isn't about two trains leaving Paris in different directions. I put as much intensity into this story as I could. The whole thing takes place in 136 minutes. You can't even read it in real-time.

Craig Nybo, Author

craig nybo red annex 136 minutes

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