Do you need a guest speaker for your creative event, class, or workshop? I would love to visit. I love nothing more than igniting creative passion in others.

I teach workshops in small or large group settings about subjects within my realms of professional expertise.

Feel free to contact me at so I can check my schedule.

Here are a few samples:

Creative Writing Workshops

How to Outline a Novel/Screenplay
Learn a fail proof system of outlining your story, whether it is a novel or a screenplay. Learn to use your outline to keep you on track from the opening sentence to the end of your manuscript.

Character, Conflict, and Plot: The 3 Components of Story Telling
Explore the three components of good story telling. Learn how to engage readers with multidimensional characters, an interesting plot, and conflict-driven scenes and sequences.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Write: A 2-day Workshop
In 2 days, with 4 sessions ranging from 3 to 4-hours each, I help your attendees bring their creative ideas to life. With plenty of instruction and in-class assignments, as well as breakout and share sessions, each of your attendees is guaranteed to leave this event well on his or her way to writing a novel.

Videography Workshops

Building a Story with Effective Planning and Storyboards
Great movies only spring from effective pre-production. Learn what it takes to break down a script, plan a shooting schedule, budget, and even get actors and crew to come work on your independent film. Learn effective storyboarding techniques that can set you free to create once you are on the set.

How to Light Great Interviews
Get the knowhow you need to turn any room into an interview studio with proper lighting techniques, camera placement, and the proper use of focal length and exposure.

Exposure: Mixing Lens and Light
Get beyond auto-mode on your video/SLR camera. Learn to understand exposure. Learn how to control depth of field by understanding the balance between aperture and focal length. Learn how to shoot sports events with stopping power and how to shoot moving objects with controlled motion blur, rich backgrounds, and artistic integrity.

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